Research Projects


2010-Present Dissertation Research, Global Family: Filipino Transnational Families and Caring From A DistanceFor three years, I conducted multi-sited ethnographic fieldwork  in New York City with Filipino domestic workers and with their families in Manila, Philippines. The project drew from participatory methods and theater of the oppressed methods. This study makes three interventions to the existing scholarship on transnationalism, family and care by suggesting a new model of “multidirectionality of care” to understand the reorganization of providers, definitions, and formsof care within families separated by migration.Funding from Davis-Putter Foundation, National Science Foundation, Philippine Sociological Society
2007-2008 Principal Investigator, Project YEHEY: Participatory Study about Immigrant Youth and Sexuality EducationProject YEHEY was a participatory action research with Filipino immigrant and Filipino American youth in Queens, New York. Our research objective was to study sexuality from immigrant youth perspectives and inform a sexuality education curriculum sensitive to Filipino culture, immigrant culture and youth experiences in New York City.Here is a short video youth researchers made about our year-long research project.

These are some publications for this project from me and one of YEHEY’s youth researchers, Shane Veluya:

Francisco, Valerie. “From Where I Sit”: Filipino Youth, Sexuality and Immigration in Participatory Action Research”. International Review of Qualitative Research, 4:1. 

Veluya, Shayne. “Silenced Voices and Youth Talking Back.” International Review of Qualitative Research, 4:1.

Funding from Ford Foundation, Program on Sexuality, Reproductive Health and Rights

2005-2006 Research Consultant, Babae (Woman): Filipino Community Needs Assessment on Domestic ViolenceFunding from City and Council of San Francisco, Commission on the Status of Women
2005 Research Assistant, Filipina Migrant Workers and Global Networks with Dr. Robyn Rodriguez, Rutgers UniversityFunding from Career Opportunities in Research, National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

2004-2006 Research Assistant, Research on Sexuality, Inequality, and Education (RISE) with Dr. Jessica Fields, Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality, San Francisco State UniversityFunding from Career Opportunities in Research, National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

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