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Why I’m Rising

I am rising because of the thousands of Filipina domestic workers all over the world

They who face uncertainty daily

Walking into the darkness of foreign lands, foreign languagesĀ 

Pushed out of their countries, away from their families

I am rising because I carry the legacy of Filipinas who have stood up and fought against impossibly degrading situations

Gabriela Silang, Maria Lorena Barros, Liza Maza, Emmi De Jesus, Joan Salvador, Lorena Sanchez, Irma Bajar, Elaine Villasper, Tina Shauf

I am rising because it runs in my blood

The strength of my mother, my sister, my grandmothers, my cousins

Who wake up daily, rain or shine, tired or sick

Muscles achy, sleep deprived

Shake it off



Bamboo women, bending against strong winds

Never broken

I am rising because I am a survivor.

Nights of black eyes and quiet cries


Long gone

Only days of bright eyes and bravery


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