Teaching & Pedagogy

Courses Taught


  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Families and Society
  • Global Sociology
  • Sex and Gender Roles
  • Introduction to Globalization


Courses To Be Proposed

  • Going Global: Sociology of International Migration
  • In the Field: Field Methods and Qualitative Research Methodology
  • Yellow Power: Asian American Social Movements
  • Gender and the Globe: Femininities and Masculinities in Globalization


Instructional Technology and Design

  • Developed initiatives with professors to integrate technology into their pedagogy
  • Advised faculty on use of learning technologies such as iLearn, Blackboard (Discussion Board, Forums, Wikis), WordPress as a class website
  • Matched learning outcomes with multimedia applications (i.e. iVideo, iMusic, iPhoto)
  • Designed course projects, assignments, and classroom practice with professors
  • Provided intellectual and technological guidance and technical workshops for students for assignments and better use of technology as a learning tool
  • Coordinated and maintained above technologies on webserver



Learning Technologies

  • Course management: Blackboard, WordPress, Microsoft Office, iLearn
  • Methodology design: Qualitative research methods and methodology, ethnography, feminist methods, participatory action research methodology
  • Data analysis: NVivo, Microsoft Word, Excel, Endnote
  • Research Group management: Adobe Acrobat, Google Documents, Media Wiki
  • Languages: Filipino (national language of the Philippines), English, Basic Spanish

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